Stairlift guarantee & maintenance

Stairlift guarantee


Every Handicare stairlift is manufactured to the highest standard and is designed to give you years of trouble-free service. To give you complete peace of mind, Handicare also covers each model with a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty under which your supplier can provide assistance.

Many partners offer the option to extend cover either at point of purchase or once your standard manufacturer’s warranty has expired if the stairlift has received regular services. You may wish to opt for an extended warranty agreement to ensure that your stairlift is covered in the unlikely event of a fault or breakdown occurring once the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.


Guarantee secondhand stairlifts

The configuration of the Handicare stairlift, including in particular (but not limited to) its parts such as the rail system, the construction of the stairlift, the fixation parts, all swivelling and movable parts, and the motor, rely on Handicare’s know-how. Work on this configuration or on one or more of its parts may only be performed by dealers (and their employees) who have been certified by Handicare to perform such work in accordance with the instructions given by Handicare. Only these employees have received the required training; only these qualified employees can provide the level of safety that Handicare stairlifts have when delivered ex works. Suppliers of used Handicare stairlifts other than dealers who have been certified by Handicare are not qualified to perform such work, e.g. installing a rail for a user other than the original Handicare rail.

This is important, because when work is performed on a Handicare stairlift or a used Handicare stairlift is re-installed with other parts, such as a different rail, by anyone other than the aforementioned qualified employees, Handicare’s warranty and the CE mark for the stairlift in question will become invalid with immediate effect.

Once the CE mark has become invalid, this means that the stairlift in question no longer complies with European regulations. As a result, Handicare will no longer be responsible or liable for any consequences arising from the failure of the stairlift in question. Furthermore, maintenance on the Handicare stairlift may only be performed using original spare parts that have been approved by Handicare.

This is important, because if parts other than original spare parts approved by Handicare, such as a different rail, are used, the Handicare warranty and the CE mark for the stairlift in question will become invalid with immediate effect.

Stairlift Maintenance

As your straight or curved stairlift is a mechanical unit we recommend that it is serviced by a Handicare approved engineer at least once a year, possibly more if the stairlift is used often and by more than one person.


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