Quality stairlifts

When you choose a stairlift from the Handicare range you are not only selecting a model that complies to British and European standards, you are also choosing an ISO Quality approved supplier who conforms to the ethical business practices required by both the British Healthcare Trades Association (BHTA), whose code of practice is approved by the Office of Fair Trading, and the Lift and Escalator Industry Association (LEIA). You have the peace of mind of knowing your stairlift has been made by a respected, reputable company that hold the UK Government’s Trust Mark with a tried and tested reputation for safety, reliability and innovation.

Handicare: ISO 14001 and 9001 certified

We are proud of the quality of our product. Our commitment to the quality of our stairlifts has been recognised by Bureau Veritas and has earned us two ISO certificates. These demonstrate that we meet stringent ISO criteria at an international level.


Our stairlifts (and / or production facility) meet multiple safety standards: they are tested and approved by independent global test services, for example the Dutch Liftinstituut, the British Standards Institution and the German Technischer Überwachungs Verein (TÜV). This means that you can be certain that your stairlift meets the most stringent quality and safety criteria.

Industrial Batteries

As a producer of industrial batteries under the Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulations 2009 we, Handicare Stairlifts, produce Sealed Rechargeable Lean-Acid batteries. We are obliged to take back free of charge, waste industrial batteries supplied to an end user for treatment and recycling. We are required to do this in any calendar year we place new industrial batteries on the market. If any of our customers or in certain cases other end users, require us to take back Industrial batteries, they should contact us at 01384 408700. We will agree the necessary arrangements for the return, proper treatment and recycling of the waste industrial batteries. Read more in our Environmental Protection document.




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