28 November 2018

Memorable ways to spend time with your family this Christmas

Christmas is coming, which means we get to welcome our closest family and friends through the doors and spend some much-needed time in their company. But what are some of the best ways to spend time with your family and create meaningful memories?

We asked several family bloggers to tell us a bit about their family traditions during the festive season, so you can get inspired to find new ways to spend some unforgettable, quality time with your loved ones this Christmas.

“We pick up one new decoration each year from somewhere special to add to our Christmas collection.”

Phill, Four Seasons Dad

The first blogger we spoke to was Phill from Four Seasons Dad (previously known as Corporate Dad). He told us about spending quality festive time with his family by putting the Christmas decorations up together – a staple tradition that can’t be missed!

“Family traditions within our household start with finding the decorations and tree, and there's always the same conversation around who packed them away and where they ended up.

“One thing that we always make certain is who puts the star on the tree. Mrs P. does some amazing decorating, but leaves that job for me and the girls and it's been a real tradition over the years! From my daughter Beth to my other daughter Dorothy, the shoulder carrying batten has changed hands, and it's now Dorothy up there ready to place the star on top.

“We also try our best to pick up one new decoration each year from somewhere special to add to our collection. We've so many now all with their own stories.”

“My mum always makes a salmon starter for Christmas dinner. I don’t think it would be Christmas dinner without it.”

Jo, Slummy Single Mummy

We also spoke to Slummy Single Mummy blogger, Jo, a mum-of-two from Somerset. Jo recommends establishing a traditional family dish that you can all look forward to having each year that is unique to your family. To make it extra special, why not try your hand at preparing it together?

“We have so many traditions at Christmas, it’s hard to choose just one! We spend every year with my family, which is the most important part of it for me – normally my mum and her partner plus my sister and her husband and children. Having several generations all together is really important for the Christmas dynamic.

“My mum always makes a starter for Christmas dinner of smoked salmon, avocado and melon. It sounds pretty dull and to be honest it is, but she started making it when we were little and the ingredients were a lot more exotic, and it has just kind of stuck! I don’t think it would be Christmas dinner without it!”

“It doesn’t need to be perfect or magical, just cousins, aunts and uncles all spending time with each other.”

Emma, Life According to MrsShilts

Emma, family and lifestyle blogger at Life According to MrsShilts, believes that no matter what you end up getting up to over Christmas, all that matters is that you’re together with all your closest relatives.

“Every year we see our parents on Christmas Day and my grandparents a couple of days after Christmas when all the family get together to exchange gifts, eat lovely food and play games together. We always make time to see each other as it's so important to see family and catch up.

“Okay, it may not be that unique, but we try and make time for everyone to spend time with each other - no pressure for it to be perfect or magical, just cousins, aunts and uncles all spending time with each other and enjoying each other’s company.”

“Our Christmases as a child were so much fun that On Boxing Day, we still honour the same tradition.”

Lorna, Raindrops of Sapphire

Raindrops of Sapphire lifestyle blogger, Lorna, told us all about her family’s Christmas and Boxing Day traditions. Even though most of her favourite traditions stem back to when she was a child, it doesn’t stop her from following some of these Christmas traditions today and remembering them with joy.

“Our Christmas traditions as a child were so much fun! We would spend actual Christmas together as a family: my mum, dad, my brother, and myself, opening our presents, eating our food, watching Christmas TV, playing music... But the best bit was our Boxing Day tradition!”

“Our entire family including uncles, aunties, cousins etc. would go to my grandparents’ house on my mum's side and it was a huge family get together. We'd have games like pass the Christmas parcel (which my gran would tape up so much we could never open it!), tag with my grandpa and he would always chase us around with scary teeth and we would have stockings we opened one by one.

“The food was the same every year - cold meats, mashed potatoes with cheese, nibbles, and homemade cake - it was delicious. I have such fond memories of that, and on Boxing Day now, we still honour that tradition by having the food spread at home. We're really fond of it!”

Other popular traditions to try this Christmas

  • Doing a puzzle together
  • Going for a walk in the countryside or on the beach
  • Going to Midnight Mass
  • Playing Monopoly and other family board games
  • Watching a Christmas movie such as Home Alone or The Muppet Christmas Carol
  • Watching the Boxing Day rugby

From creating a traditional Christmas dish together to playing all kinds of family games, there are lots of festive family traditions out there that you can try with your family. After all, it’s never too late to start a new family tradition and make some lasting memories.

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