18 September 2019

Top items to prevent injury from falling

elderly person on the ground

As we get older, the risk of falling increases, especially for those of us with limited mobility. Therefore, taking care to prevent falling and any injury that might come from an accident is important. Fortunately, there are a number of excellent items, gadgets, and tools available, all designed to help older people stay on their feet or to stay as safe as possible if they should take a tumble. So, if you or someone you know depends on curved stairlifts at home, this list might prove to be a useful resource.

Bedside fall out crash mats


It isn’t only when a person is on their feet that the risk of falling exists. When in bed, some older people can find themselves accidentally rolling out of bed or stumbling when trying to get out in the night. As such, tools like a bedside fall out crash mat are tremendously helpful. This one from Win Health Medical is a great option coming in multiple colours. When placed at the side of the bed, it provides a soft and ‘force attenuating’ surface, absorbing the impact of a person’s fall. The durable crash mats are easily storable when not in use and a smart investment for those caring for elderly relatives.

Reachers and grabbers

One of the main causes of older people falling is when trying to grab out of reach objects. Because our flexibility and balance deteriorate as we age, when we are at full stretch dangers can present themselves. With this in mind, utilising a reacher or a grabber to pick up items out of grasp is a smart idea. Perfect for overhead shelves or things low down, by simply pulling the trigger by the handle, the jaws at the other end of the pole provide effortless gripping, making life around the house that much easier. If you think this tool might help you or someone you care for, the retailer Manage@Home have a number of options available.

Fall detector

While preventing falls is all well and good, sometimes these things happen despite our best efforts. This is why having a fall detector at hand is highly advised for at-risk individuals, making sure help is quickly on the way. Lifeline24’s Fall Detector Pendant Button is an excellent option. Small and stylish, it fits around the wrist so when a person falls, its sensors kick in, alerting their emergency response team who will arrange help. You can read more about the response team’s 24-hour support here.

Fall prevention slipper socks


Image credit: Health and Care

Nothing provides better grip on the feet than shoes but when at home, many of us like to wear just socks for comfort. If you or a person you are looking after enjoys the comfort of walking around in socks at home but is at risk of slipping due to old age, some fall prevention slipper socks might be just the ticket! The socks available on Health and Care are designed for carers and their patients, providing stability and grip with their slip-resistant soles. They even have grips on the top of the sock, just in case it becomes twisted around the foot, making sure the wearer is protected at all times.

Indoor/outdoor handrail

Another occasion when falls can more commonly occur is up short steps to a person’s house. The balance older people need to manage these outdoor steps can’t always be relied upon so why not consider installing a handrail to help the person in question keep their footing? There is no question that relatives and loved ones will feel more at peace knowing that the older person in their life has this to help them manage to enter and to exit their home. Aids4Mobility has an indoor/outdoor handy grab rail designed in conjunction with physiotherapists, occupational therapists and manual handling advisors. Suitable for use on one to four-step inclines, it can even be used to provide support at the side of a toilet if required.

Chair pressure sensor

If you are someone who looks after an elderly person at home who is prone to falling, having a way to know when they are up and about might very well come in handy. You can’t keep an eye out at all times and the last thing you want for them is to have a fall in another room. To help you be alert to the dangers and also retain the individual’s freedom, consider making use of a chair pressure sensor. Sliding discreetly under the cushion of a chair, Frequency Precision’s Wireless Chair Pressure Mat alerts you to when the person gets up via a bleeper page device that has a range of 400m. This allows you to make sure that the person is okay and moving around securely.

Fall prevention tools and items to make use of


  • Bedside fall out crash mats
  • Reachers and grabbers
  • Fall detector
  • Fall prevention slipper socks
  • Indoor/outdoor handrail
  • Chair pressure sensor

We hope this guide has been useful and provided you with a few ideas for how to prevent falls and reduce injuries. You can’t guarantee that a fall will never take place but by utilising the above and taking the proper safety precautions, life for those with limited mobility can be made easier and safer.

If you haven’t already, make sure to take a look at our stairlifts page to ensure peace of mind for those unable to navigate stairs at home.