15 December 2017

Best Kitchen Accessories for Older People


As we get older, there comes a need to take advantage of various mobility equipment and other tools around the house. One such place where a little extra help can be needed is the kitchen. Cooking is a great joy to many people, as is entertaining guests, and there is no reason why this should stop when we reach our elder years. So with that being said, we’ve assembled a list of the best kitchen accessories for older people, products that can be acquired from some of the industry’s foremost experts.

Kitchen Accessories from Essential Aids

Essential Aids is a great resource for those looking to acquire some fantastic kitchen accessories that would be helpful for older people. They have numerous useful products available, ready to help older people in all areas of the kitchen. Essential Aids were able to suggest a few of their kitchen accessories to us:

Perching stool

“Essential Aids supplies many inventive devices to help elderly people in the kitchen. These include perching stools which enable the user to be comfortably supported while at worktops, through to a multitude of adapted tools for food preparation.”

Safety gas lighter 


“Many older people suffer with weak or shaky hands, which can make it difficult to accurately handle or slice food.

The Safety Gas Lighter, for example, is great for lighting hobs without the tricky process of lighting a match or using a cigarette lighter. Its one-touch ignition makes it easy to use.”

Adapted knives

“Essential Aids also have adapted knives which allow the user to hold them at a more comfortable angle than conventional knives. Their ‘L-shaped’ design reduces strain on the wrist.”

Food preparation boards 


Food preparation boards which lock items of food in place to enable easier cutting and slicing are also available from Essential Aids.”

Pan holder

“The pan holder is another example of a simple but effective food preparation device. Its wire frame holds pans in place on the hob, making them more stable for those with a tremor.”

Kettle and teapot tippers


“There is also a range of kettle and teapot tippers which are again designed to make it easier for those with reduced strength or tremors to pour boiling liquid in safety.”

Non-slip mats

“Additionally, there is a range of non-slip mats which help keep food preparation boards and food items from slipping around on worktops.”

Independent 4 life adjustable cabinets


Image credit: Granberg

Beyond the very useful accessories already listed there are some larger items that can be purchased and installed into your kitchen to help those with any mobility issues. Independent 4 Life specialise in such products, including height adjustable kitchen cabinets

Independent 4 Life were on hand to help describe these extremely useful kitchen features:

“Stylish and discreet, wall cabinet lifts are a fantastic adaptive living solution, enabling access to kitchen cabinets for all users. At the push of a button, the cabinet is lowered to the user’s preferred height, ideal for seated and wheelchair users or those with a limited reach range.

“Our wall cabinet lifts are made by renowned Swedish manufacturer Granberg, who combine the highest quality materials with extremely quiet motors. Their range currently features two distinct styles, the DIAGO and the VERTI.


Image credit: Granberg

“The Granberg DIAGO is fitted to the rear of the kitchen cabinet and lowers the entire cabinet down and forward to the user in a diagonal motion.

“The Granberg VERTI is fitted inside the kitchen cabinet, and lowers the cabinet’s shelves and contents down to the user in a vertical motion.

“Both systems come with a choice of controls, either via a mounted push button or by remote control. Each system also has an integrated safety stop switch which prevents the lift’s movement in the event of an obstruction, avoiding any potential crushing injuries.

“Independent 4 Life are specialists in adaptive and independent living. As the leading distributor of Granberg in the UK and Ireland, we’re able to supply their full height adjustable range, including rise and fall kitchen worktops, bathroom washbasin lifts, and even motorised wardrobe lifts that bring the clothes rail down to a seated user.

“The best place to see the Granberg range is via our website, https://www.independent4life.co.uk. Here we also host an Interactive Kitchen, which shows the motion and functionality of each lifting system in a series of videos.”

Kitting out your kitchen

There we have it, this was our collection of the best kitchen accessories for older people, and that really only scratches the surface of what’s available. Taking advantage of indoor stairlifts to help at home is a great thing but there’s no reason not to make our lives even easier by picking up a few of the above items or installing some handy adjustable kitchen cabinets.