27 March 2020

Space-saving ideas for your home

organised dresser

Keeping your home clean and tidy can be very difficult when you have limited mobility. Having to bend down to pick things up or reach up to get into high cupboards can be tough if you don’t have someone with you. Having to move things up and down the stairs on your own can be hard if you aren’t very mobile, and even poses as a health risk. This is why space-saving tips can be a lifesaver, especially if you’re a stairlift user. These tips will help you to stay tidy while being able to move around your home carefree.

Under stair storage

under stair storage

Photo Credit: Pinterest, xqgaragexhshop.piyoti.com

It can be said that storage under the stairs is never properly utilised. Many people use it to hide their washing machine or dryers, or even unnecessary possessions that they don’t want to throw away. However, it offers a great storage opportunity and is perfect for adding some shelves, or if it hasn’t already been converted into a cupboard, you can use the space for a cabinet or chair.

One great trend that we have seen is to actually put draws into the stairs, creating a unique storage system that can be accessed when needed and hidden away when not in use.

Mounted cookware

A great way of freeing up some space in the kitchen is to mount your pots and pans on the wall or hang them from a ceiling-mounted rack. This can also be done with utensils and knives on a magnetic strip on the wall. By putting your pots and pans on a rack, they become more accessible to anyone with limited mobility as they will not have to bend down or reach up into a cupboard for them. It will also give you more space in cabinets and draws for food items and kitchenware.

Curved Stairlift

stairlift Handicare 2000

Limited mobility means trips up and down the stairs can become arduous throughout the day. And if you have little space in your hallway or a narrow landing, you may not be able to get a standard stair lift installed. However, at Handicare Stairlifts UK, we offer a range of curved stairlifts at great prices that wrap around your staircase out of the way. This way, there is no worry of it getting in the way, taking up precious space and it means you have easy and comfortable access upstairs and downstairs throughout the day.

Stackable Boxes

One way to organise your processions or anything important is through stackable boxes. These can be used for important documents such as bills and passports as well as storing toys for when the grandchildren come over. This will help minimise mess and potential hazards and prevent you from tripping over any toys that get left around. This recommendation comes from Samara at Gift Goonie, who tells us: “I like to buy lots of stackable boxes and store kids toys in them. You can save lots of space by stacking boxes on top of each other. I particularly like boxes with clips on them so the kids can't get into them and it saves so much more space than just having a big toy box.”

These kinds of boxes can be used for all sorts of things around the house, and it keeps them neat, tidy and in one place. By having stackable boxes, you will know where everything is when you need it.

Pull-out cabinet draws

Installing pull-out draws in cabinets means there’s no need to reach into any deep cupboards. This way, all the space available in the cupboard can be used as you can pull the draw out and see all the contents. This is also useful for someone who cannot bend down and riffle through cupboards. Modifications like these can be done to any cupboard whether it’s high or low, making it easier for you to access anything in the kitchen. Similarly, you can purchase a stool so you don’t have to stretch as much, which can cause problems for those with back issues or very limited mobility.

Doubling up purpose


For a long time, a chair hasn’t just been a chair. With space-saving techniques being at the forefront of many designers’ minds there are so many pieces of furniture in shops that double up on its purposes. For example, ottomans are a great way to store things like shoes in hallways and toys in livings rooms. By having an ottoman by the door, you can select a pair of shoes from the storage compartment and use it to sit down and put your shoes on without any unnecessary bending down to tie shoelaces.

We spoke to blogger Jupiter Hadley about how furniture can be a great way to utilise storage in a small space. She told us: “My biggest space-saving tip is to get furniture that can also work as storage. A coffee table that can hold items under it or one that has inside cabinets on the sides will save room in your living room. Side tables with ample storage can also be used to tuck away items so that you have more space. Not only does furniture that contains storage look better as you don't have a bunch of little items on show, but it also keeps areas from being cluttered and collecting dust. If everything is properly put away, it's a very clean and functional look.”

Over-the-door hanging storage

Another great storage tip is to use over-the-door hanging storage. This way, things like shoes and toiletries are not cluttering the house and can be seen at eye level. By tucking it behind a door, they are hidden from sight and can make a room look much more open. Cindy from Simple Steps For Living Life suggested this one, telling us: “My favourite space saver is back-of-the-door shoe holders. I specifically prefer clear ones so that it is easy to see whatever is being stored. I have used these for shoes, rolled t-shirts, socks, undies, spray paint, craft supplies, toiletries, and more. I love being able to easily see what is in each pouch but also hiding the entire thing behind a door. So handy!”

If you’re looking to be more independent in your home, why not take a look at our great stairlift prices, which include a range of curved and straight stairlifts to suit your unique requirements.