19 February 2018

The best clubs to join for older people

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Once we get into older age and have retired from full-time work, many of us will be looking for something fun, engaging, and interesting to do with our new-found free time. The good news is that in this day and age there is so much at our fingertips to keep us stimulated. However, the act of being involved in a club or group is perhaps the best choice of all. Becoming a member of a club not only can provide great enjoyment but also encourage us to get out of the house and socialise with others – this can become very important for those of us hampered with mobility issues and requiring the use of indoor curved stairlifts. If this all sounds like a good idea, you’ll be happy to know that there are many different types of club out there. To help you find one that’s right for you, we have assembled the below list of the best clubs to join for older people.

Lunch Clubs


A group that surely everyone can get on board with is what are known as lunch clubs, which are just as they sound - groups of people that meet up, normally once or twice a week, and enjoy a nice, delicious meal. Not only are these wonderful for enjoying some top grub on a fairly consistent basis, but they offer a great opportunity to meet new people and socialise in a relaxed environment.

The Salvation Army run such clubs, located in local churches – providing a safe and caring atmosphere in which to enjoy conversation and food. So if you happen to be someone who requires the use of disable aids in Hereford, for example, make sure to see what options The Salvation Army has for you.

The Royal Voluntary Service also arrange lunch clubs to help bring older people together. Their groups typically meet once a month and their lunch clubs are just as much of a social get-together as a nutritious meal. You can search for lunch clubs close to where you are via their website.

Swimming Clubs

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Clubs can also be a great chance to engage in some much needed exercise, something that we can certainly do with taking advantage of as we get older. Swimming is a wonderful activity to achieve such a goal and can be far easier on the body than going for a run, for example. As such, swimming clubs are absolutely recommended and for many, enjoying the activity in a group environment will be preferable to doing so by oneself. 

You will find that most pools have sessions that are run exclusively for older adults and many will even provide lessons if you want to brush up on your strokes! Swim England Masters will be a great choice if you fancy this idea. Their clubs are for over 18s, are located across the country, and are suitable for all levels of ability.

For those that want to join a club that is targeted at those with mobility issues, Oxford Swans Swimming Club will be perfect if you are in the area. Their weekly swimming club is designed for the elderly and disabled, and offers both group and one-to-one sessions.

Photography Clubs


If you are interested in photography or have always wanted to give it a try, joining a local club is a great idea. Photography requires skill to master but anyone can get involved – it can also be a great chance to visit some beautiful locations in order to get some amazing snaps. You will find that many community centres have photography classes available for those wanting to improve their skills and local societies will be immensely enjoyable for those fond of the hobby.

The Bath Photographic Society welcomes older members into their fold, and describe themselves as a lively and friendly club that is ideal for all ages and levels of experience. They encourage those interested to come along and see what their society is all about. If you are looking for a fun and interesting club to join, such a group could be the perfect fit!

Walking Clubs

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For those that are in good health or just like to be outdoors, walking clubs can offer a chance to fuse much needed exercise, fresh air, and great sights! Walking clubs typically go on excursions throughout the countryside, seeing the best of what’s on offer and providing great conversation on the way.

Walking clubs are also a valuable tool in getting to know your local area, and are perfect if you have just retired to a new location. Ramblers.org.uk specialise in such activities, and their group walks will prove to be a great pleasure, taking place across Great Britain. With over 500 groups across the nation, it’s well worth investigating. You can use their find a walk tool via their website and they even organise easy access walks which are ideal for those with mobility issues or that require the use of a wheelchair.

Walking for Health is another top organisation, putting an emphasis on helping people across the country live a healthier lifestyle. Their group walks are led by trained volunteers and are short in nature, taking groups over easy terrain, and are aimed at helping those who aren’t particularly active. Enter your postcode on their website to find your nearest health walk.

Chess Clubs

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For those that want to put their mental skills to the test and keep their mind in tiptop shape, joining a chess club would be a wonderful option. Chess is one of the greatest games in history and while it can take a while to master, the strategy and thinking process involved to overcome your opponent will be of great benefit as we progress in age. So why not keep sharp and join your local club?

The English Chess Federation has all the information you could possibly need on the process, including a page for seniors and a map of where your local club can be found. For those that reside in the county of Devon, the aptly named Chess Devon website is a great resource for finding local clubs and events.


Image Credit: Prayitno