14 October 2020

Tips for keeping cosy at home

man in blanket at home

With the colder weather setting in, many of us are looking for ways to make things a little cosier and a little snugger at home. Of course, you can always crank the heating all the way up but that’s not exactly economical and there are also many little things you can do to create a warm, inviting, and cosy atmosphere that you will love to spend time in. In this article, we present a selection of some super simple ideas to help make you feel nice and cosy all through the winter months. So, give them a go. After all, cold weather is a great excuse for wrapping up and enjoying the comforts of home.

Utilise blankets

One of the very best methods for keeping cosy at home is by making sure you have plenty of warm blankets available to wrap up in. Not only are they nice to snuggle up in while watching TV or reading a book but by simply draping one over the sofa, you can provide your lounge or living room with a warmer feel to it. A jumper can do the job, but it can’t compete with the all-encompassing cosiness of a nice blanket on a chilly night.

Kellie, from the lifestyle blog Prize Warriors, told us that blankets play a role in creating a “sanctuary of warmth” in order to keep her cosy at home: “To keep the heating bills down, make a sanctuary of warmth in the room where you spend the most time. Mine is the living room. I shut the door, hang thick curtains, or even two pairs and make sure there are plenty of blankets on the sofa.”

Lu, from the blog A Life of Lovely, told us that she enjoys combining a nice blanket with another item for even more added cosiness: “My favourite way to stay cosy is to curl up in a cosy blanket with one of my favourite soy wax candles.”

Claire, from the lifestyle blog Life, Love and Dirty Dishes, shared her love for blankets with us – especially the electric variety - and a whole bunch of other tips, many of which you will see in the suggestions below: “A cosy ambience always helps with feeling warm. Warm lighting, candles, blankets, rugs underfoot. You can even turn your TV into an open fireplace using Netflix, with authentic crackle and everything. I love anything that provides a bit of warmth, hot water bottles, cosy electric feet warmers. and my all-time favourite possession, my electric blanket!”

Put out extra cushions

cushions on sofa

Proving your home with a softer look and feel about it will certainly help things feel more inviting and comfortable. Putting out extra cushions on your chairs and sofas during the colder months is a great way to achieve this and will help provide a much cosier environment for you to relax in. You might want to go for some extra-large cushions, some of a softer, fluffier variety, or just go with the volume approach. You can even experiment with new, cosier cases for your existing pillows. As long as there is still room to get on your favourite chair, cushions are a great way to bring added cosiness to the home.

Julie, from the home/lifestyle blog Julie Blanner, recommends the cushion/pillow cover method as a way to obtain cosiness: “One of the easiest ways to change the look, feel, and seasonal style of your room is to change your pillow covers! It’s one of my favourite tricks for a cosy living room, and it’s easy to learn how to mix and match patterns and styles.”

Furnish your home with rugs

Many of us have wood floors, tiles, and laminate floorings across our homes, which, while aesthetically pleasing and practical, aren’t great during the winter. Nothing will spoil your cosy vibes more than by stepping onto a cold floor to make a cup of tea. To help eliminate this issue as much as possible, furnish your home with a few soft and warming rugs. Having a nice rug underfoot by your sofa, in the hall, or in your bedroom, will provide a barrier between you and the cold floor and will help provide a more inviting, cosy aura to your home that looks and feels inviting.

Enjoy a hot water bottle

hot water bottle

Sometimes no blanket is cosy enough and no duvet is warm enough when the elements are against you. As a result, learning to enjoy a hot water bottle is certainly the way to go. Popping one of these lovely items at the bottom of your bed or simply under your feet on the sofa, will bring you a lot closer to achieving your cosiness goals. Yes, they do cool down after a while but while you are settling in for the evening, a hot water bottle will prove to be another excellent addition to your cosy artillery, especially on occasions when you are feeling under the weather or a little sorry for yourself.

Don’t forget layers, slippers and cosy jumpers

Lots of layers, comfy slippers and cosy jumpers might seem like obvious choices, but they are valuable tools at your disposal to help you achieve cosiness. Not only will it prevent you from using more electricity for the heating but, as many people will know, sometimes no amount of blanket or socks will stop your feet from getting chilly. So, don’t forget to put on your favourite pair of slippers – hopefully with a soft and fluffy feel on the inside to keep your toes happy. If you also have a jumper that just screams comfort and cosiness, don’t forget that pop that on. Don’t sit around in your shirtsleeves and wonder why you’re not feeling as warm and snug as you would like.

Kellie, from Prize Warriors, said utilising layers was a key component of her own cosiness routine: “Winter can be a tough time in the UK, particularly for those with certain health conditions or who are a little older. I absolutely hate the cold and will do whatever it takes to stay warm and cosy at home. First of all, don't underestimate the power of layers. I often find that wearing a few layers of thinner clothing, rather than just a jumper, is a great way to keep the heat in. I also often wear a beanie indoors. It's a scientific fact that heat escapes more quickly through the head, so it seems like the obvious body part to keep warm!”

Light a fire

book by fire.jpg

Is there anything nicer than sitting in front of a roaring fire? Not only do fires provide plenty of heat to keep your house warm but there is no beating the atmosphere provided by the beautiful dancing flames and sound of crackling wood. Engaging all the senses is key to creating a feeling of cosiness at home and a fire is a brilliant way to do so. If you don’t have an open fire or wood burner at home, even opting for an electric fire can be a nice touch. They give out plenty of heat and the flame effects will add to that cosy environment you are seeking.

Use soft lighting

Harsh lights, or no lights at all, are not great ways to bring a friendly and cosy ambience to your home. Instead, turn off the main light and opt for little lamps with soft lights or dimmer switches, as this will give your home a nice glow. Better still, if you can do so safely, light some candles in the room that you are in as the flickering light will encourage relaxation with the warm but gentle light that candles emanate. Basically, when it comes to relaxing in the evening, dim the lights before settling down on the sofa.

How to keep cosy at home

  • Utilise blankets
  • Put out extra cushions
  • Furnish your home with rugs
  • Enjoy a hot water bottle
  • Don’t forget layers, slippers and cosy jumpers
  • Light a fire
  • Use soft lighting

Now that you are nice and cosy, why not go about making your life easier at home in other ways? If you are someone with limited mobility, investing in some UK stairlifts will make the world of difference.

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