15 March 2021

Useful technology that can help you while out and about

Paying for coffee using phone

Technology is such a large part of day-to-day life and, as it changes so quickly and rapidly, it can be hard to keep up with everything that is possible. Technology is amazing for many reasons, but one thing it makes a massive difference to is convenience. We can use technology for all manner of things that can make our days easier and improve our quality of life.

If you are wondering how to make technology work for you whilst out and about, read on to discover our suggestions for the most useful pieces of technology for outside of the home.

Phone Payments

Especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, paying for goods or services using cash feels as though it is becoming a thing of the past. With contactless payment, it’s easy to pay for things in a blink and not need to handle cash except on rare occasions. However, contactless payment is now the second most convenient way to pay for something when out and about.

Chances are that when leaving the house, you’ll take your phone with you, whether it’s to keep in touch with someone you are meeting or just as a comfort knowing that you can contact someone if you need help. But, did you know that you can link your card to most modern smartphones and pay with your device? Once your card has been linked (usually as simple as taking an image of the card and filling in a few details) you use your phone as you would a contactless card, scanning it on a contactless reader. Even if you don’t want to use phone payments on a daily basis, having them set up on your phone in case you are out and forget your card can be useful in a moment of need.

Apple watch with health data

Smartwatches with Health Features

Keeping an eye on our health is essential, but, even if we have equipment at home these often can’t be taken out of the house easily or subtlety. This is where a smartwatch can come in. With the amazing technology now implemented in smartwatches, you’ll be able to track a large range of your vital health data on your wrist in a subtle but powerful way. With the latest range of Apple Watches, you can even take an ECG as you go!

Smartwatches can go further as well and can even be set up to contact an emergency contact or emergency services in the event of a health incident or a fall. The convenience they can offer is unparalleled, even in the home if you were to fall away from your phone, you can have peace of mind that your watch will detect the fall and contact help for you.

Portable Power Banks

With all of this technology we have, you can imagine that the fear of running out of battery can be immense, especially when out for a long day or on holiday with limited access to sockets. That’s why investing in a portable power bank can really save you in a moment of need. Our phones are such important devices, as we’ve already seen, as well as giving us the ability to contact our loved ones they can double up as contactless cards and health equipment, so making sure they don’t run out of battery is important.

Petra from A Mum Reviews told us: “For me, one of the most useful technology items for days out is a portable power bank. I don't want to feel restricted in my phone use for photos, calls or GPS directions when out with the family. iPhone batteries run out so quickly so if we plan to be out for longer, I'll always pack a small portable power bank as a back-up!”

Portable power banks can be especially useful when travelling. Whether travelling on a UK staycation or going abroad, having a power bank to hand will mean that, should you forget your wall plug, get a long layover or go off-grid on a camping trip you’ll have power.

Traditional looking electric bike by water

Electric Bikes

Cycling is a great, low impact way to get some exercise and can be a cheap and fun method of transport. However, whether you live in a hilly area or are struggling with your mobility, cycling can be tiring. This is why it’s brilliant that electric bikes are becoming incredibly prominent and can make cycling easier for all.

With an electric bike, you’ll have assistance with cycling (although you’ll still have to pedal!) so longer rides will be easier as will harder terrain like hills. The bikes work by offering power up until a certain speed and depending on the model you look at, you’ll be able to customise the power settings. They are slightly heavier than a normal bike, however, being so popular there are myriad styles you’ll be able to choose from to find the perfect model to suit your needs.

Useful technology that can help you whilst out and about

  • Phone Payments
  • Smartwatches with Health Features
  • Portable Power Banks
  • Electric Bikes

These four pieces of amazing technology can really add an extra level of ease to your day-to-day life, from reporting on vital health data on the go to taking some of the stress out of cycling.

It’s not just outside of the home that technology can be useful. For those with mobility issues who can find moving around their homes a challenge, you’d be surprised at our great value stairlifts prices and just how affordable independence now is.

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